Video for Dementia Patients

Our July 2019 dance had a ‘Christmas in July’ theme, with Santa? and his elf helper dropping in. Rita and Bob provided the music, and as always they got into the mood and took the crowd with them. We had a lot  of fun with them, thankyou Rita and Bob for giving us a great time. 

We had organised to make a DVD of some of our dances in response to a request from a psychiatric doctor at Royal Melbourne Hospital, who had heard of how our Club has introduced a regular dancing hour for dementia patients in the Treetops Program at Kyneton Hospital, which has been very successful  – to the point where they have been asked to do a similar program at Ray M. Begg Aged Care Hostel and also Trentham Hostel for the Aged. These patients are often quite physically healthy and fit, aged about 50-60 upwards, and benefit greatly from being able to dance and sing along to music they remember from the past.                                                                              

We appreciate your assistance in making this DVD. Thanks to Rita and Bob for agreeing to participate in this effort to bring music and dancing to folk who really benefit from it. Also, sincere thanks to those in the club who provide this opportunity to people who are now unable to attend public events, but who get a lot from the chance to go back in memory to the happy evenings they may have had in the past.   

John has finished compiling the DVD and if you would like a copy please contact the club.                   

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