Dance List for Club Night 10 September

Kyneton & District Old Time Dance Club

An Old Time Country Dance – Featuring Dances Most People Love

Program for Tuesday Sep. 10, 2019

Music: JNB Productions

Merrilyn Schottische

Lucille Waltz (O/T)

(H) Banyan Blues

Tracie Leigh Waltz (O/T)

(H) Midnight Tango

(H) Saunter Together

Queen of Hearts Rumba


(H) Twilight Waltz (O/T)


[H] Waltz Caroline (Slow)

Charmaine Schottische

Alpha Modern Waltz (Slow)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Waltz

Dorothea Waltz (O/T)

Balmoral Blues



Georgella Quickstep ­


Pride of Erin Waltz (O/T)

Parma Waltz (O/T)

Evening Three Step

One thought on “Dance List for Club Night 10 September

  1. Hi Daryl & Nerine, looks great but I have sent you too much information. I have sent you the complete document I use to prepare the playlist for each week. I will be more careful in future. Could you please delete all the text after the Evening 3 Step listing under Supplementary Dances I.e. there are only three supplementary dances


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