Program for Club Night Tuesday 4 February.

Kyneton & District Old Time Dance Club

An Old Time Country Dance – Featuring Dances Most People Love

Proposed Program for Tuesday Feb. 04, 2020

The following dances are scheduled for Feb. 04, 2020. They may not be danced as listed and could be changed to meet the needs of dancers attending on the night. Requests for other dances from our dance list will be considered particularly if the request is made prior to Feb. 04.


Tango 44

Irene Waltz (O/T)

Barclay Blues

Chicago Swing

Twilight Waltz (O/T)

Balmoral Blues

Alpine Stroll


Saunter Together

Alpha Modern Waltz (Slow)

Evergreen Waltz (O/T)

Festival Glide

Killarney Waltz (O/T)

Waltz Caroline (Slow)

Sally Ann Cha Cha

Emmerdale Modern Waltz (Slow)


Georgella Quickstep


If requested, these dances will be inserted into the program

Rock ‘n’ Roll Waltz (K.Starr)


Evening Three Step

Parma Waltz

Pride of Erin


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