Program for Club Night Tuesday 3 March 2020

Kyneton & District Old Time Dance Club

An Old Time Country Dance – Featuring Dances Most People Love

Program for Tuesday Mar. 03, 2020

Reference: Sep. 10, 2019

The following dances are scheduled for Mar. 03, 2020

Carousel Schottische

Lucille Waltz (O/T)

Banyan Blues (H)

Tracie Leigh Waltz (O/T)

Midnight Tango (H)

Saunter Together / Red Rose Saunter (H)

Queen of Hearts Rumba


Twilight Waltz (O/T)

Tangoette / Tango 44 (H)

Charmaine Schottische

Waltz Caroline (Slow)(H)

Alpha Modern Waltz (Slow)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Waltz (K.Starr)

Dorothea Waltz (O/T)

Balmoral Blues




Georgella Quickstep


If requested, these dances will be inserted into the program

Pride of Erin Waltz (O/T)

Parma Waltz (O/T)

Evening Three Step

New Vogue Modern Waltz (Slow)

Melba Blues

Mayfair Quickstep

Alpine Stroll (Fast Tempo)

Chicago Swing

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