A Message from Ray

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to thank so many people, for giving me such an amazing 80th birthday on 1 April.  I have not been big on my birthday’s even though I was one of those lucky people that had the best parents.  My father died when I was 12 and I think of him every day.  My mum died aged 95 and I have never had a negative thought of either mum or dad.  They each gave me many great things in my life, but none better than my mum getting me to those old-time dance lessons in 1952, shortly after dad died.  They have led to a lifetime of magic of old-time dancing and the fun and caring of the dancers, music providers and those just wanting to watch, listen, chat and the committees that run the dances. 

I have had a fear of my birthday parties and have avoided 75 of them!  This one I was looking forward to, fully expecting it to be celebrated at a dance with many of some 200 Mid Vic Dancers and the dancers who come from Melbourne who have befriended me over the last three years.  Truly, an environment of great passion and wonderful people.  So, how to celebrate something so special for me when I can only ask one other person along?  Well, with no more in attendance, we settled on a day trip to a fish farm.  The venue had voluntarily closed but graciously opened on the day, for Jan and I. Thankfully Jan took charge of the car, as I had recently had surgery to both eyes and was unable to drive.  We were invited to bring a picnic basket as the restaurant was closed.  We had a great day and caught several fish, Jan’s first fish ever! 

The great highlight of the day was a list in my wallet of some 200 people’s names who have come into my life over the past 3 years of old time dancing, Jailhouse Rockers and bush dancers, and we were able to recall a memory of each of those 200 amazing people, whilst we fished, (including those 10 that have passed away)  lotsaluv  Ray.

(Ray is one of the members of the Kyneton and District Old Time Dance Club. All club members would love to wish Ray all the best for his 80 years, and look forward to seeing him and Jan when we are able to resume dancing.)

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