Ray S “in a tight spot.”

An  incident that I had recently.  A TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE !!!    Recently I awoke during the night to feel my body being slowly but firmly pulled down the bed.  I was on my back and dug my hands into the mattress.  All to no avail, as I was pulled another foot or so.   I froze knowing that if I moved the intruder would have the upper hand in suffocating me.  It was very dark and I couldn’t  detect anybody so I slowly moved my arm to turn my bed light away from me and as I switched it on, I quickly thru myself out  the other side of my bed.  So far so good.  No voice  or running feet!  After some time I got up and investigated each room, door and window.  Inside and outside.  Nobody.  It was only 2 am but I couldn’t get myself to go back to bed before daylight came around.  I was so concerned,  that I went away for a few days.  On returning home, night came and on going to bed, I pulled the bedding back and noticed that the double fitted,  under sheet, had come off the mattress,  on the corner that I had been sleeping on, on the night of my ‘intruder.’  Mystery solved.  It had always been a very tight fit and the tension had been enough to move my entire body 18 inches down the bed till my knees were completely bent up tight under the bedclothes, as my ‘intruder’ was pulling me slowly but surely, down the bed!  Phew.   True story and I wonder if it has ever happened to anyone else !!!   Regards Ray Sharrock

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