Virtual Dancing using Zoom

Hello and Welcome to The K&DOTDC Online Dancing using the ZOOM app.

The COVID-19 virus has resulted in all of us being confined to our homes, disrupting our social life and potentially becoming isolated. Over the past two weeks Ray, Jan Jill and myself have been exploring the potential of using the ZOOM app to bring us together, to again enjoy each others company, listen to some dance music and dance. We now feel we are confident we can make this work.

The way it will work is that anyone who wants to be involved would need to have the free app installed on their PC (this is the preferred device), tablete.g. iPad or smart phone. 

As the convener of the dance meeting I will send out an invitation to those who want to be involved via email. This would contain the planned dance program and a LINK to the meeting. To be part of the meeting all that is required is for you to click on the LINK and then you would be added to the waiting room of the meeting. I would then admit you to the meeting.

After some chitchat, I would then start the dance program using the music from my PC i.e. the same music database that I use for our Tuesday club night dances.

If you do not have app (remember it’s free) it can be installed in several different ways:

1) It can downloaded from the Apple or Windows app store.

2) By typing into Google which will take you to website which contains simple App download instructions.

3) If you do not have the installed and you click on the invitation link sent to you, you will be asked whether you want to install ZOOM and guided through the install process. This only needs to be done once.

If you would like to give this a try, please send me your email address and your preferred days of the week and time for the dance meeting? Could be afternoon or evening

Initially we start with one dance session per week,probably for about one and a half hours duration. If this proves popular we could increase this.

The ZOOM program allows for 49 people to attend, but I would like to start with say 12 or 15 as this enables everyone to be easily seem on the PC screen, but we could experiment with the numbers.

Once I have sufficient positive responses I will create the first invitation list and away we will go.

Yours truly: John Bennett email:

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