Program for Club Night Tuesday Oct. 8, 2019

Kyneton & District Old Time Dance Club An Old Time Country Dance – Featuring Dances Most People Love The following dances are scheduled for Oct. 8, 2019. They may not be danced as listed and could be changed to meet the needs of dancers attending on the night. Requests for other dances from our danceContinue reading “Program for Club Night Tuesday Oct. 8, 2019”

September Community Dance

Keeping in step with Kyneton’s Spring Daffodil Festival, the theme for this month’s community dance was ‘Daffodils’. There were splashes of yellow everywhere and Jan was particularly clever, creating an outfit which represented a whole daffodil flower. Check out the photo of Jan and Ray on our Facebook page and Website Gallery. Rita and BobContinue reading “September Community Dance”

Program for Club Night 24 September 2019.

Festival Glide (34 bpm) Charmaine Schottische (H) NV Modern Waltz (Slow) Carousel Schottische (H) Alpha Modern Waltz (Slow) Queen of Hearts Rumba Lucille Waltz O/T Rock ‘n’ Roll Waltz RAFFLE (H) Red Rose Saunter ­­­­­­Emmerdale Modern Waltz (Slow) Midnight Tango Sally Ann Cha Cha Mayfair  Quickstep Melba Blues (H) Saunter Together Alpine Stroll SUPPER DANCEContinue reading “Program for Club Night 24 September 2019.”

Program for Club Night 17 September 2019.

Music by JNB Productions. Swing Waltz (O/T) Festival Glide (34 bpm) (H) NV Modern Waltz (Slow) Melba Blues Carousel Schottische (H) Jacqueline Cha Cha Alpha Modern Waltz (Slow) (H) Red Rose Saunter RAFFLE Gypsy Tap Tango 44 (H) Midnight Tango Dorothea Waltz (O/T) (H) Saunter Together Balmoral Blues Killarney Waltz (O/T) Chicago Swing (H) TwilightContinue reading “Program for Club Night 17 September 2019.”

The Importance of CPR for Spring Gully Dancer.

Reunion in Bendigo a timely reminder of the importance of CPR A Bendigo CFA crew has been reunited with a patient whose life they helped save earlier in the year. Bill Frantz, a life member of Cohuna Fire Brigade and a former CFA volunteer was in Bendigo attending the 2019 CFA State Championships in MarchContinue reading “The Importance of CPR for Spring Gully Dancer.”

August Newsletter: $2 million from government to fight Sanfilippo. The Club is a supporter of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

August Newsletter: $2 million from government to fight Sanfilippo — Read on